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“Personal Health Care Services Provided In The Comfort of Your Own Home”



We are Helping Hands Helping You.

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Fairfax Place staffLicensed Nurses who will provide oversight, direction, and guidance in the preparation and execution of the care plan for our Health Aids will also play an integral role in our quality assurance process.

Home Health Aids will be under the direction of and receive instruction from our license nurses. These aids will be trained and certified (including a background
check) to provide services such as assisting clients with baths, providing companionship, performing chores, providing personal care (assisting in activities of daily living (ADLs), housekeeping and errand running.

Assessment and Intake Professionals are very important in providing the right service to a client. These assessments are made before we determine what the appropriate care plan would be for a client. Our assessment and intake personnel are trained and equipped with the tools to do an excellent job in these areas.

Social Science Professionals provide assistance in guiding our clients through the various social and public programs that might be available to you and your loved ones.

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