The Fairfax Place Family Learning Center is a vast educational resources for families with a loved one who is beginning to need care. The Family Learning Center offers over 50 courses relating to the roles, responsibilities and challenges surrounding the care of our elderly loved ones. Topics of our family courses range from understanding signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, managing and coping with challenging behaviors, daily care skills, First Aid and even information on how to create engaging activities for your family member.

All of these courses are online and are easy to use.

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Home care is a wide range of health and social services that are delivered in the home of patients who are discharged from a hospital or nursing facility, but need additional care and treatment.

Fairfax Place resourcesChoosing the right Home Care Provider requires research. Choosing the right Home Care Provider depends on you and/or your loved one’s specific needs. It is not a one-size-fit- all situation and require you to match your needs with the capabilities of the home care agency/provider. You will want to know specifically what their services, regulations, history, sustainability, policy and procedures are particularly as they related to their quality of care, availability of needed services, personnel training, agency expertise, supervision, and payment plans structure(s).

Once you have acquired your initial selection of home care providers, you will want to learn about each provider’s services and regulations. There are certain questions you should ask the provider as well as community leaders. This insight will help you in determining where the best place is for you or your loved ones. The following are some frequently asked question that will help you in making your final determination:

  1. How long has the agency been serving your community?
  2. Does the agency/provider provide literature explaining it’s services, eligibility requirements, fees and funding sources in detail?
  3. Does the agency/provider furnish a published “Patient Bill of Rights” that outlines the rights and responsibilities of the agency/provider, patients, and caregivers alike?
  4. Does the agency/provider have an annual report and other educational materials that it is willing to furnish to you?
  5. How does the agency/provider select and train its employees? Does it protect its employees with written personnel policies, benefits packages, and malpractice insurance?
  6. Does the agency/provider run a Criminal Records Check on new employees?
  7. What is the agency's/provider's process for assessment prior to initiating a plan of care?
  8. Does the agency/provider have a detail written process that it requires its nurses or therapist to use in evaluating the patient’s home care needs? What does this process entail? Are the patient’s physicians and family members consulted in this process?
  9. Is the patient’s course of treatment documented, detailing the specific tasks to be carried out by each professional caregiver? Is a copy of this plan given to the patient and his/her family member and updated as changes occur?
  10. Is this course of treatment overseen by an agency/provider supervisor to ensure the quality of care that the patient is receiving in their homes? How often does this home supervision and/or visits occur? Whom can one call with questions or complaints and how are these complaints/problems followed up and resolved?
  11. What is the agency/provider’s policy and procedures regarding the handling of emergencies? Are caregivers available 24 hours a day, seven days a week?
  12. Is the agency certified by Medicare? Is a Medicare Survey Report available for review?
  13. How does the agency/provider ensure patient confidentiality?
  14. What are the agency/provider financial procedures? Does it provide written statements that will explain all the cost and payment options associated with home care?
  15. Is the agency/provider accredited?